Tara Fredriksson Tara Fredriksson was born in London in 1952. She grew up by-lingual with English and German and visited schools in London, Hamburg and Austria.

In 1971 she studied to become a pediatric nurse in Hamburg Germany, and in 1977 her first son was born. Three more boys followed and during these years she changed her attitude towards life in many ways. Her children all went to Steiner school and she was a very active parent in the school for 15 years.Tara became very interested in holistic medicine and an ecological way of life. Healthy food preparation has always been of great value to her.

In 1990 she decided to go on an intense spiritual journey and became involved in energy healing work and personal growth seminars. This led her to travel many countries, meeting amazing people who were on the same path of awareness.

In 1998 she returned to a more normal way of living and begun taking care of children and adults with special needs by supporting these people in a workshop situation to enhance their creative potential.

In 2003 she met up with Dr.Robert O. Young (www.pHmiracleliving.com) from the US who shared his teachings about an alkalarian lifestyle with her. This new and very basic knowledge had a great impact on her life. She learnt about the delicate pH balance in our bodies and how to maintain it through food and drink and what we think!
This opened up a whole new approach to health and well being. Dr. Young visited Germany twice and Tara had the pleasure of travelling with him and translating his lectures into German. When he left for home he entrusted Tara to continue his work in Germany. So she held lectures on healthy food and gave cooking classes.

In 2008 Tara decided to go on another adventure, leaving Germany once more to go to the Spanish island of Ibiza to live in the
Greenheart ecological centre and offer her skills.
Since then she is living and working in "
Casita Verde" as a holistic cook and is the vice president of the Association Ibiza Ecologic.

Just recently Tara had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a Transition Town training course in London which has paved the way for the Ibiza Transition Island project to be launched.

Her main interest has always been to raise awareness in herself and others, living with an open heart and encouraging her fellow beings to feel. This is because she believes that this is the most important part of transitioning into a new state of being on this beautiful planet.

" We can only change if we feel compassion for ourselves, our
fellow humans and Mother nature in all her diversity."


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